Inca Tours aims to promote responsible tourism, to support sustainable development and to help travellers enjoy, appreciate and protect the environments that they visit.

Responsible tourism is tourism that positively benefits both the traveller and the host community. The culture and environment of the local people should not be exploited or threatened. Travellers benefit by learning from the destinations that they visit, by seeing a different way of life and by enjoying the surroundings, food and music not familiar to them. Host communities and local people gain greater economic benefits and with education can have a better quality of life.

At Inca Tours we encourage clients to minimise the negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts and to support the preserva tion of cultural heritage and provide for the conservation of natural resources.

Be conscientious of your waste disposal. Many places don’t have recycling programs and few pristine places have adequate waste disposal systems. Try to carry out anything toxic like camera batteries and/or non-biodegradable waste. Avoid using containers made of styrofoam or non-recyclable plastic. “Take only photographs – leave only footprints”

We support local travel providers who encourage local control over tourism development that is sustainable and not harmful to the environment or wellbeing of local people. At Inca Tours we employ only guides who foster a respect for the environment and we encourage our guests to do the same. Our guides and tour leaders will advise you of the social customs of the places to be visited. They are well versed in and have respect for local cultures, traditions and holy places. They will advise you on the expected behaviour when bargaining in local markets. This will ensure that the local vendors are treated respectfully while at the same time, protect you from paying an inflated “tourist” price.

We encourage our guests to ask permission before photographing local people, and if a promise is made to repay the favour with a coin, then that promise should be fulfilled. We request that our clients do not give local children sweets and lollies. Their resistance to tooth decay is often less than that of our own children and they do not necessarily have access to good dental care. Take maps, pens, books and postcards from home as gifts.

We support locally owned hotels and avoid wherever possible the large global chains. We personally know all the hotels used by us and intentionally use properties with local charm, atmosphere and ownership wherever possible. We support local restaurants and with our many years experience, we know those of best value and local atmosphere, yet still with the good standards of hygiene that you would be familiar with.

As a responsible traveller, we believe that you should research the travel company that you plan to use, and ensure that Inca Tours has high standards in this area. Remember that your travel choice makes a difference.

After your journey, don’t hesitate to provide feedback to us in order to help us continually improve what we do.