The tomb of the Lord of Sipan is the most important archaeological discovery of America in the last 30 years. It is the unique tomb of the Moche culture found intact. The tomb was found in the Lambayeque region at north of the Peruvian coast known as “Huaca Rajada”. The tomb was found within a complex composed by three pyramids made of adobe, one of which contained the mummy of the Lord of Sipan and his entourage.

The tomb contained a great numbers of items made of gold, silver, copper and gem. The collection of items includes around 400 jewels, amongst them elaborate masks, necklaces, earrings and much other beautiful jewellery.

The mummy of a man was found inside a wooden sarcophagus who died when he was 35-45 years old. His clothing includes pectoral, helmets, ear rings, bracelets and falconry. One of the most impressive pieces of the tomb is his necklace whose right side is made of gold and its left side is made of silver, symbolizing the Sun and the Moon. Another amazing jewel that was found in the tomb, was a necklace composed by ten gold beads that depict a spider, in midst of which there is a human head.