South America is surprise and mystery – from the Amazon to the majestic Andes; from vast deserts and salt flats to the scenic beauty of Patagonia; from gigantic waterfalls to lakes like seas, South America is home to it all. Inca Tours, a destination specialist, is very proud to have over 30 years experience organising small group journeys to various parts of the world including Machu Picchu tours and scenic tours of South America. Just imagine the South America travel adventure we have in store for you.

Our range of South America tours covers The Andes Mountains, The Amazon River, Basin & Rainforest and the Pacific, Atlantic & Carribean Coasts. Enjoy the sumptuous visual smorgasbord of this corner of the world and immerse yourself in the amazing South American culture, cuisine and its beautiful people.

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Peru & Bolivia

Chile & Argentina


Ecuador & Colombia

Amazon Basin