India is a culturally rich and exotic place—from the famous “Golden Triangle” and the majestic palaces and forts of Rajasthan in the West, to the lush backwaters of Kerala in the South; from its monsoon forests, home to the elusive Tiger in the East to the temples of the North. Majestic mountains and tropical seas, red deserts and sacred rivers, old customs and new ways, modern cities and traditional crafts, they all call India home! This region is the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism, with their many temples, both old and new, dedicated to the worship of mountains and rivers, especially the Sacred Ganges, which has been cleansing the faithful since the religion’s birth.

Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet have had many influences shape them, including Mother Nature. Once connected to Africa, the Indian Subcontinent drifted north and collided with Asia and threw up the mighty Himalayas, which cover the northern part of India. Here, bordering India we find the landlocked Kingdom of Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of Nepal and the autonomous region of Tibet.

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The Golden Triangle & Rajasthan

Southern & Western India

Khajuraho, Tiger Reserves & Varanasi

Himalaya & Northern India

Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet

Sri Lanka & the Maldives