There are so many facets to this beautiful part of the Americas, it is difficult to describe. It is a fascinating place of excitement, abounding with adventure, intrigue, contrast, surprise and mystery, all combined with the laughter and music of the Latin American way of life.

The Central America region is comprised of nine countries. This offers you an exceptional variety of scenery from the ruins of Mexico, majestic mountain ranges, to the steaming jungles of Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, with their rivers, lakes and more species of wildlife per square kilometre than any other place on the planet! Smoking volcanoes, waterfalls that defy description, barren deserts and palm-lined tropical beaches are just some of the contrasts you will witness in this region.

Still unspoilt, Central America merges the ancient treasures of lost civilisations, Colonial culture of yesterday and the modern societies of today. It is without doubt one of the best value destinations in the world today.

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Costa Rica

Belize & Honduras