A cruise to the “White Continent” is one of the most spectacular expeditions on the planet!

Antarctica, the world’s southernmost continent, comprises an area of 14 million square km making it roughly twice the size of Australia. The whole area is almost completely covered by an icecap which has formed by the constant accumulation of snow over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. At its deepest, the covering is approximately 4km, hiding beneath it mountains, valley and plains. Huge ice masses break off daily, forming icebergs that can measure up to several kilometres in width.

Wildlife here is unique. As there is virtually no history of hunting, Antarctic animals are usually unafraid of humans and are most often quite ‘intrigued’ by the visitors they encounter. This trust allows you the opportunity to get up close and personal while wandering among thousands of penguins and sea lions. A paradise for professional photographers and novices alike!

Described by many as breathtaking, majestic and isolated, an expedition to Antarctica can easily be included in most trips to South America. Air-Cruise journeys depart regularly from southern Chile and Argentina, and with many combinations of itinerary to choose from you are ensured to have the journey of a lifetime!

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