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It was in January 1979 that the founding director of Inca Tours, Lew Pulbrook, turned the key and drove his first overland bus expedition across South America. These early trips were of 80 days duration, beginning in Cartagena, on the Colombian Caribbean Coast and ending in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The expedition travelled through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. These were very much adventurous days, with passengers being accommodated in tents and bathing in rivers or under waterfalls. Over the last 30 years the Inca Tours Team has pioneered many new areas for tourism.

Similarly, the present director, Mike Kuhl, has a great depth of knowledge and experience from having grown up, lived in and lead expeditions to various parts of Africa and the Middle East over the last 21 years. As a result, he has added these exciting areas to our already extensive range of products.

This in-depth “on the ground” experience is one of the main factors why Inca Tours is internationally recognised as a world leader in destination specific travel for Africa, South America, Central America, India, Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet tours and Amazon and Antarctic cruises.

The unparalleled knowledge and local contacts Inca Tours has is reflected in the comfort, service, professionalism, attention to detail and above all, safety and security that you, the client, will experience when you travel with us.

Today Inca Tours caters very much to the “discerning traveller”, but still has a large portfolio of programs suitable to moderate and budget-conscious travellers. There are fully escorted luxury tours, self designed package holidays, city stop-overs and accommodation, adventure programs, cruising, trekking, horse riding, bird watching and as ever, our very solid advice, which stems from the first hand knowledge and passionate love we have for these destinations.

We look forward to helping you experience the wonders of these great destinations!

Why Inca Tours?

At Inca Tours our philosophy is simple, to offer our clients an incredible life experience. We do not claim to be the cheapest but we are the best and therefore offer you great problem free travel, which will be remembered for all the right reasons.
We were one of the pioneers to less travelled destinations with the first of our South American Tours in 1979. We therefore know where to go and what to avoid, what works and what does not. We are recognised by many in the industry as leaders in the luxury travel segment with many of our competitors now following the routes we pioneered. Being specialists in the luxury travel market means we can handle any lesser standard as it is the most demanding and knowledge intensive sector there is.
Any of the Inca Tours Travel Professionals you deal with will be an expert on the destination they cover as it is somewhere they have actually visited, not just been told about or read up on in a brochure or book. Once you make contact with Inca Tours you will deal with the same Travel Professional every time you call about your planned tour or booking, not a different person each time.
Our representative in each of the different locations is the best available. We select them firstly based on Quality and Reliability and secondly on Cost. This gives you peace of mind that you will be well taken care of by people who understand the quality and standard we demand. We have therefore been using some representatives for over 20 years now as we know corners will not be cut to save costs. We have hand picked the local guides we use at each destination, whether you are there on an escorted tour or as an independent traveller. This selection is based upon their knowledge, professionalism, problem solving and English speaking abilities.

Styles of Travel

Inca Tours has forged a reputation for opulence and outstanding service based on over 35 continuous years of travel experience. The Inca Gold Tour is the ultimate private luxury tour and includes most of the highlights of the area visited staying in some of the very best hotels. It utilises our handpicked expert English-speaking local guides in each and every destination you visit.

You decide when you want to undertake the Exclusive Gold itinerary of South America. You decide how many other people you wish to travel with, be it one or more companions. You can also decide what standard of hotels you want to stay in. All of this means that you have come control over the cost of your tour. Our private departures “run like clockwork”, as most of our guests have reported. In each and every destination you visit, our handpicked expert English-speaking guides are there for you and you alone. From airport arrivals (and departures), to transfers, to land border crossings, to city and sightseeing tours, to special evening dining events, your experienced personal guides are at your service. Many of our local guides have been working for Inca Tours for many years, so they know precisely what we and our clients deserve and expect. You are in the very best of hands on a private Exclusive Gold!

We select hotels, trains and cruises which retain charm and character. We avoid, where possible, the chrome and glass hotels of major international chains, preferring to experience the culture and lifestyle first hand in properties with a local flavour. You have worked hard all of your life, so you deserve it!

The Inca Sensations Tours includes most of the highlights of the area visited over a relatively short duration.

These are our moderately priced Superior-class tours, designed for the more budget conscious guest. They visit most of the highlight destinations They are guaranteed to depart with a minimum of two guests and guaranteed to depart with an experienced tour leader with a minimum of four guests. Our tour leaders are assisted by our expert English-speaking local guides. The hotels and lodges used on the Sensations Tours are very well located, of a very high standard and exhibit all the charm and character of the area.

As the name implies we are able to cater for any clients, regardless of budget or interests, and who do not feel one of our set departure tours are appropriate for them. You may wish to follow all or some of the itinerary from one of our tours but at a different time or using different hotels. We also have our “pick and choose” module for those who are not sure what it is they would like to do. If none of this suites you then we will design a custom itinerary exactly as you require it. Everything is possible!

We can handle anything and everything. Give one of our Travel Professionals a call and tell them what you have in mind. They will prepare a very informative itinerary for you which will detail everything the quote covers. This will ensure you are getting everything you are expecting as there is nothing worse than getting to your destination only to discover most of what you thought was included in the tour is an optional extra cost. The range of options offered by us is virtually endless from the mysteries of our Egypt Tours to the steamy tropical jungles of our Central America Tours, from the culture and history of our South American Tours to the vast open spaces of our Antarctic Cruises!

Meet Our Team

Mike Kuhl

Managing Director

Alecia McLachlan

Travel Specialist
Latin America

Justine Richley

Travel Specialist
Latin America

Hank Holtzhausen

Tour Conductor &
Travel Specialist Africa

Ross Pulbrook

Marketing Manager
& Tour Conductor

Jenny Klem

Sales &

Rita Smith

Accounts Manager

Reinera Hornell-Scott

South Africa Office
& Tour Conductor