Aboard MV Galapagos Legend

The MV Galapagos Legend is a first-class motor vessel with a capacity for 100 guests. The vessel has special naturalist guides who will personally take you through the wonderful world of the Galapagos Islands. Features include spacious air-conditioned cabins and suites, delicious local and international cuisine and the most popular Galapagos itineraries. There are two sun decks, indoor & outdoor dining, pool, jacuzzi, well equipped bar, library and much more. The 4 and 5 day itineraries can also be combined in various ways to create longer 8-, 11-, 12- or 15-day cruises,

Aboard MY Coral I & MY Coral II

The MY Coral I and MY Coral II are first-class motor yachts with a capacity for 36 guests and 20 guests respectively. The ships have expert crew plus a specialist naturalist guides and are fitted with the latest navigational equipment, all complying with international maritime safety regulations. There are two sun decks, indoor and outdoor dining areas, a well equipped bar, jacuzzi and library aboard each vessel.

Aboard Yacht La Pinta

Galapagos explorers can now enjoy a 3, 4 or 7-night expedition adventure with comfort and safety aboard the 48-guest yacht La Pinta. Yacht La Pinta offers a relaxed yet lavish expedition atmosphere, with plush outside cabins; the highest standards of service; international cuisine plus celebrated Ecuadorian dishes, and all the amenities that make the Galapagos Expedition a trip of a lifetime.

Aboard Yacht Isabela II

With a capacity of only 40 guests, Yacht Isabela II offers a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying an unforgettable Galapagos expedition, where guests fully experience a sense of discovery and bonding with nature. Expeditions offer all aspects of the Galapagos: intimate contact with wildlife, active volcanoes, a vast Marine Reserve, adventure, comfort and safety.

Aboard MV Santa Cruz II

The iconic Galapagos small ship Santa Cruz will pass over operations to the new 90-guest Santa Cruz II in October 2015, making the Santa Cruz II the newest expedition vessel in the Galapagos Islands. This 50-cabin vessel will bring with it a chic new way to explore the wonders of the Galapagos Islands in style and comfort. Each expedition will be accompanied by seven exceptionally knowledgeable guides plus an expedition leader in charge of making the most of each day’s activities.

Aboard MV Origin

When the MV ORIGIN makes her appearance in January 2016, she will be the newest and most comfortable 20 passenger yacht operating in Galapagos. Origin will combine modern sophistication and a high level of comfort and service, with quality guided land excursions in small groups, gastronomical experiences, exciting physical activities and a dose of intellectual science providing guests a life enriching experience.

Aboard MY Eric & MY Letty

This signature fleet includes two identical yachts custom-designed for Galapagos cruising: the M/Y Eric and Letty. These superior first-class yachts accommodate no more than 20 guests and feature three decks of spacious staterooms with polished teak interiors with a window or porthole view. There’s a dining room, well-stocked bar and panoramic picture windows to watch the Galapagos go by.

Aboard Queen of the Galapagos

Queen of the Galapagos is one of the most elegant and comfortable catamaran cruise ship in Galapagos, marked by wide-open spaces. This luxury yacht has been very well design for your comfort and pleasure. The cabins, living rooms and bathrooms are elegant and comfortable with great balconies providing stunning views through your journey. Although the boat is rather large, it generously lends itself to an intimate environment, accommodating a small group of 16 passengers.

Aboard Millennium

The Millennium is one of the most elegant and comfortable catamaran in Galapagos. The ample space in cabins, living rooms and bathrooms fit the elegance and comfort required by passengers. The atmosphere of a small group of 16 passengers, combined with the features of a big vessel, makes this an unforgettable journey.

Aboard Estrella Del Mar

The Estrella del Mar is a first-class Galapagos Island cruise vessel. All 8 cabins have windows, air-conditioning and a private bathroom. The yacht features wide sun-decks, bar and comfortable dining / lounge areas.

Aboard Cruz Del Sur

Built in 1991, elegantly furnished, and sleek on the water, the Cruz del Sur is one in a series of ships that cruises the Galapagos with style. The vessel has air-conditioned cabins with upper and lower berths and hot shower. Her spacious interior from the comfortable lounge to the dining room are designed to please. Her ample sun decks provide wonderful open and shaded space to take in the Galapagos breeze and equatorial sun.

Aboard Celebrity Xperience

The Celebrity Xperience is an upscale expedition vessel that offers unparalleled levels of comfort and service. Large enough to travel the Pacific in comfort and safety, small enough to dock at remote ports and negotiate inter-island landings with agility, the Celebrity Xperience features outstanding open-air spaces, 24 comfortable cabins, and spectacular al fresco dining.

Aboard Celebrity Xploration

The Celebrity Xploration is an outstanding catamaran that combines adventure with comfort. On board, the atmosphere is relaxed, intimate and friendly. Cabins are well-appointed, meals delicious, and the service reminiscent of a private yacht. With only 8 staterooms, explore with a small group of likeminded fellow travellers. Guests can experience our unrivalled itineraries led by a certified naturalist guide.

Aboard Cormorant

Launched in 2011, the 16 passenger Cormorant incorporates the very best of Galapagos Catamaran design. The modern and ample accommodation includes jacuzzi, huge sun deck and a private balcony for each of the spacious staterooms. Cormorant is unrivalled in offering the generous, comfortable accommodation and amenities of a larger boat while still preserving the relaxed exclusivity of a smaller vessel.

Aboard Ocean Spray

The new Mega-Catamaran Ocean Spray offers the best performance and comfort in Galapagos Cruising. The elegant design includes a huge sun deck, jacuzzi and spacious cabins each with private balcony. Her speed, comfort, top guides and itinerary will make Ocean Spray perfect for your Galapagos Cruise adventure.

Aboard Petrel

The newest ship in Galapagos, the Petrel offers a deluxe way to visit these magical islands. Named after a sea bird common to Galapagos, the Petrel is like its namesake: elegant, swift and silent at sea. A motorized catamaran, the Petrel is designed for comfort and stability and is outfitted with spacious cabins, a comfortable lounge, and Jacuzzi.

Aboard Galaven

The Galaven is a 88ft expedition vessel for 20 passengers accommodated in 11 double cabins, all with private bathrooms, air conditioning and ocean views. Galaven offers spacious outdoor seating areas with sun chairs, large interior dining room and a library equipped with a TV & DVD player for daily briefing and presentations. Bilingual Galapagos National Park guides accompany you for all visitor sites smaller vessel.

Aboard Reina Silvia

The Reina Silvia, one of the finest vessels of her size in the Galapagos, permits you to discover the Enchanted Islands in relaxed comfort. She was redesigned to create a pleasant atmosphere for groups of 12 to 16 distinguished passengers.